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24 Interesting Philosophy Research Paper Topics You Can Discuss

Who doesn’t just love philosophy? Once seen as the preserve of the rich and the elite, philosophy is now a subject that is widely accessible to anyone of above average intelligence. It is also a brilliant subject to study at university and it is amazing how many different career paths it can lead to. No-one wants to get stuck in the same old philosophical grind. So, here’re 24 interesting philosophy research paper topics that you can discuss:

  1. Contemporary architecture: bane of our existence or a wonder to behold?
  2. Should the concept of the American Dream be archived in a history museum?
  3. Can reality television stars be a positive role model to young people?
  4. Can civilian “collateral damage” in war ever be seen as “for the greater good?”
  5. Is the primary purpose of marriage for procreation? If so, does it really need to be a formal marriage?
  6. Is chastisement of children a form of emotional cruelty?
  7. Are governments justified in covering up evidence of alien life? Would evidence of alien life simply induce mass panic hysteria?
  8. Is religion simply a means of instilling a code of conduct within a population?
  9. When does your body become the property of someone else?
  10. Do we have a right to have children?
  11. Would society benefit from rapists and pedophiles automatically being chemically castrated upon conviction of their first offence?
  12. Is rape ever justified?
  13. Are cats superior intellectually to dogs?
  14. When is your house not your home?
  15. Is big really beautiful or even interesting?
  16. If you are born and only survive for one hour, did your life have meaning?
  17. Should individuals be able to claim a stake in the moon/sun/planets
  18. Do girls suffer more than boys when it comes to fashion
  19. Will eating an apple each day really keep the doctor away?
  20. Does one plus one really equally two? Who gets to decide?
  21. You come into the world with nothing, should you therefore leave the world with nothing?
  22. Is the love between a mother and child greater than the love between husband and wife?
  23. Is all love equal, or is this from where inequality stems?
  24. Does free love have a price tag? Or is it really free?

Good luck when selecting your research paper topic!

The Top 27 Good Philosophy Term Paper Topics To Consider

Philosophy is a hugely introspective subject that drives deep into the core of conscience. It is a knock on your beliefs, ethics and righteousness. You may be propelled to investigate the correctness of things that you do.

The intrinsic affair

Philosophy term paper topics are chosen with enough prescience and dissection. It requires you to feel on your thought processes and differentiate what is right from what is convenient. Such is the intricacy of the mind here, that it is actually difficult to conjure even the topic.

Derivation of thought

You of course need to take off the striations of the topic while penning it, giving enough thought on every juncture and its effective interpretation. Meanwhile, here are 27 intelligent philosophy term paper topics for your reference –

  1. Emphasize on Freudian philosophy of dreams
  2. Is it true in today’s context that ‘stealing may lead to murder’?
  3. Should we rather work towards personal good in a bid to do good to the society?
  4. Did the dictators inadvertently follow a philosophy by beginning off as a tyrant and then mending ways?
  5. Is the philosophy of balance, price, punishment and discrimination relevant in today’s time?
  6. Is the dilution of ethics excusable if it actually leads to the greater good; a look on stem cell theory
  7. Do humans have any greater right to live than chickens?
  8. Is honesty a more powerful attribute than adaptability?
  9. Is it tenable to always be driven by conscience?
  10. Will a matriarchal world be better than a patriarchal world?
  11. Do we strive for peace or for money
  12. Is violence almost a necessity to precipitate a revolution?
  13. The elements of salvation; ultimate peace
  14. Are roses and thorns an actual metaphor of beauty being secured by pricks?
  15. Do self-employed workers remain more blissful than owners of an enterprise?
  16. Is it right to be a moral police when no one is perfect?
  17. Can humans ever attain Atlantis?
  18. Does our ego act as the major block in the path of our progress?
  19. Have we been more empowered by literature or law in the last 500 years?
  20. Is it actually true that nothing or no one is bad but perception?
  21. Are those who sacrifice their intellect for the general opinion actually doing a disservice to society?
  22. Is democracy more righteous than dictatorship in all aspects?
  23. Should hardened criminals be allowed the right to dignity?
  24. Why do humans mostly turn theists when their end is nigh?
  25. Is it wrong to seek pleasure n a materialistic world?
  26. Is it an exalting decision to suffer and do penance even with resources available?
  27. Is renunciation the path of brave or the coward?


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