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As I read through the authors struggle from working in a coal mine to a domestic help and his efforts to get himself educated, I felt guilt-ridden. This was one of those times when something seemingly very small, goes on to change you for the better. I wasn’t doing justice to the kind of facilities I was getting and my conscience pricked.

But was it too late ?

I did not remember having quit on anything in my life earlier, and I did not want a first time. I became aware that it was more about proving things to myself rather than anyone else.

I had screwed up. How do I make amends ?

Struggle, persistence and hard-work. The next two years were about me working my ass off and scoring the grades I knew I was capable of. It was about learning and fighting the inner demons. Obviously, nothing worth having comes easy and I faced a lot of setbacks and disappointments. There were days when I felt like giving up everything. There were times when frustrations were at a peak.

But, I persevered.

I managed to score a GPA between 9 and 10 in the next four terms and was on the Dean’s List scholarship for the next two years. The icing on the cake was when my final year project on Nanotechnology and Fluid Mechanics, the product of a year of slogging, was published in IEEE Scopus- an acclaimed international journal.

Today, I’m proud of not giving up and accomplishing what I did.

Here are some tips you can do when life rears its ugly head and stares you in the eye

“The only real failure is the failure to try, and the measure of success is how we cope with disappointment.” – Deborah Moggach

Too ordinary! Not wanted! You don’t have what it takes! Not good enough. Defeated! Denied! Failed! Rejected!

If you have never heard these said to you, I salute you! Many of us mortals, however, have heard them at one point or another. These expressions are far from “I love you” or “I miss you.” They are a millennium away from “great job” or “you really deserve that raise.”

These words are not music to the ears, not Beethoven’s fifth symphony. In fact, these are the opposite. These are words nobody would want to hear. Anyone who has lived in the ‘real world’ will tell you that it’s not a good day when you have to listen to words of rejection. It’s a punch in the stomach when someone tells you, “Sorry, but we already have a person for the job. Your dream job!” or when someone you love says, “I love you as a friend!”

We have all been there one way or another and we know that rejection stings and stinks. It may leave a lasting mark that may change our personality, destroy our moods and crush our self esteem like an elephant stepping on an ant. But despite living in a negative world full of rejection take heart!

Being rejected and failing have important roles in our lives. There is purpose in losing your job or experiencing a deep loss. More important than going through bad times, however, is surviving them. Here are some tips you can do when life rears its ugly head and stares you in the eye.

Don’t ever quit!

Greatness is revealed most when a person has beaten the odds, and gotten back up after all the jabs, hooks and uppercuts that life has thrown. This is the birth of victory. This is when lives are defined. This is where careers are made. Not on mountain peaks, but in the deepest valleys. Not where there is a mansion and money in the bank, but alone on a bed not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

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This is the place where legacy begins. Your finest hour is not birthed on a bed of roses but on a bed of nails. Not quitting is the first step to overcoming – it is that much needed baby step to victory. But choose to believe in yourself. This is an important choice. This choice might be your last. Make the right choice. Choose to know it is possible. Choose to succeed despite the odds.

Pick yourself up!

If you are going through a tough time, hang in there for a day. You are 24 hours closer to victory. For others who have hopelessness in them, be hopeful! Sometimes even a breath is triumph. And if you think that only a chosen few are meant to be glorious, successful and be celebrated, think again.

Each one of us has the ability to change the world. Each of us can change lives, make a difference and make the world, our country, our city or even our home a better place. Focus on the mini victories until you can grasp the big one.

You are not alone!

Everywhere in the world, people have problems. You are not the only one. Though a place of peril is lonely, believe me, others have been there and done that. You are never alone. People have beaten cancer, become millionaires after living in their cars. Some people have changed the phase of science without the ability to walk. The impossible has been done.

Now, the unworkable situation you are facing may be a bleak picture. But somehow, somewhere in this shrinking world, people have conquered similar circumstances. They were afraid, sure! They felt cheated and have asked the question, “why me, God?” But they chose not to quit, they chose to fight another day.

Look to these people, read about them, let their story inspire, motivate and hold your hand through the challenges you are facing. They chose to best any circumstance. Did they have a hard time? Most probably yes! Put this in your heart and mind, “If others can overcome, why can’t I?” Be determined!

Remember, quitting is for the weak. We have been given supernatural strength to overcome. One of the strongest forces in this world is the human spirit.

Some examples

Remember the beginning of this article?

Too ordinary – Mahatma Gandhi was an ordinary citizen who changed the history of a nation. He is India’s greatest hero!

Not wanted – Michael Jordan was dropped from his high school basketball team. He became one of the greatest basketball players of all time!

You don’t have what it takes – Michael Jackson was the 7th child of a poor African American family. He became the King of Pop!

Not good enough – Thomas Edison was once called by one of his teachers too stupid to learn. He told the young Edison to go to the field so he could make use of his pleasing personality.

Defeated – Abraham Lincoln lost elections 8 times while running for various posts. He became known as the great emancipator!

Denied – The Beatles were rejected by their first record label because “guitar music was passé.”

Failed – Walt Disney was fired from his newspaper job because of a lack of imagination.

Rejected – Jesus Christ gave hope to humanity and promised salvation. Some see him as God in human form.

The people in this list of world changers have nothing in common, except the fact that they did not quit in the face of adversity. The challenge is this, are you going to settle for mediocrity or are you going to join the people in this list? My take? Put yourself on that list!

Pick yourself up. Don’t give up. Failure is never final but quitting is. –

Ravi Chulani is an ambitious freelance writer, businessman, and avid sports fan. He is also an advocate of social development for the Philippines. He is currently beginning his journalism career and is open to any writing opportunities that may come his way.

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