Opinion Essay Money Cant Buy Happiness But Quotes

People keep wondering whether money can buy happiness, and theyall have different opinions. It’s one of the most researched anddisputed questions of all times. There are many studies devotedto it, and they all have varying results and confirm itsinconclusiveness. You need to research them to write the best canmoney buy happiness essay. Use your critical thinking andcreative skills to submit a perfect draft with no mistakes.

Important influencing factors

After researching relevant studies and sources, you will concludethat there are several happiness influencing factors linked withmoney. They may have a certain impact on happiness levels, butthis effect varies from one person to another. There is one thingthat seems to be fairly conclusive, and it’s a fact that beingpoor results in low happiness levels. It’s worth mentioning thatsome of these studies contradict others on conclusions aboutthese influencing factors. To write a logical and strong paper,look at the main arguments on both sides.

Considering money and time

Money provides people with more time, and they all want to haveit. You can have more free time if you have enough money to payassistants, caretakers, and others, and this control over yourtime results in higher happiness levels. However, many peoplefeel happy when they do something for themselves. If you take itaway, they will be dissatisfied and lose touch with the reality.

Thinking about money and freedom

Having a lot of money allows people to essentially freethemselves from the pursuit of earning a living, thus making themfeel very happy. On the other hand, having a lot of money oftenencourages people to pursuit more and more. It turns into anever-ending cycle of feeling like it’s necessary to have moremoney. If you like your job, money may take away the happinessthat you receive from it. You may start wondering why you need towork at all if you have enough money, so you never feel happy.

Evaluating money and stuff arguments

It’s true that money allows people to buy important things thatbring them closer together, and their regular socialinteractions, such as a grill or a patio, result in theirincreased happiness. Many people get a lot of satisfaction whenbuying different items either for others or for themselves.That’s why having enough money to make such purchases increaseshappiness levels. However, some opponents wonder whether theyreally need expensive goods to make them feel happy and bringpeople together. The stuff that they buy can create a mirage offriendship with others and leave them unhappy because they didn’thave similar social interactions when they had no money.

Discussing money and life experiences

It’s hard to deny that money allows people to get and enjoy theability to experience fine dining, attend all kinds of art andsporting events, travel, and do many other things. They allresult in the positive memories that have a direct impact onhappiness levels. The main problem is that the satisfaction thatthey produce is quite short-lived. Besides, it doesn’t add anylong-term happiness and value to your life.

What about money and stress?

Having enough money can free people from the stress of not havingsufficient finances and wondering how they will cover regularbills. Being free of these worries definitely adds to happinesslevels, but money can only relieve this stress up to a level ofpaying for basic needs. Once they are covered, it’s impossible togain any further happiness. Another popular counterargument isthat having a lot of money can result in further stress becausepeople become concerned with how to grow, preserve, and managetheir money wisely. When writing the best can money buy happinessessay, give answers to the following questions:

  • Do you agree that money can buy your happiness?
  • Why do you want to earn more money?
  • Is your pursuit for more money is based on your desire to behappier?

Basic argumentative essay writing stages

If you want to write an argumentative paper on the subject ofwhether money can buy people’s happiness, pick the right stancethat you will support. Your basic essay writing goal is topersuade others in your opinion. The argumentative style of yourassignment requires convincing the audience to consider facts theway you do, so you should persuade all readers to take yourstance. To achieve this goal, share your valid argumentssupported with strong and reliable facts. Use enough evidence toanalyze both sides on a given subject. It’s possible to presentyour argumentative paper on this topic in different ways, suchas:

  • The cluster format;
  • A claim or a counter claim;
  • The alternating method.

When completing your academic assignment, you need not only toprovide relevant information, but also present a valid argumentwith both opposing and supporting ideas on whether money can buyhappiness. Explain to readers why you want to share your point ofview and convince them in your key ideas.

Why this topic is ideal for argumentative writing

This topic is ideal for argumentative essay writing because ofthe following basic characteristics:

  • It contains a debatable argument;
  • It’s narrowed to a single important matter;
  • It can be easily supported with different statistics,examples, quotes, and other effective tools.

How to outline your argumentative essay

An outline is important to write a good argumentative papereasily and fast. Creating it takes only a few minutes, but itallows you to save more time in the end. This process starts withpicking a suitable title, which should be brief and contain ashort summary of the main essay argument. If you need any helpwith choosing a catchy and interesting title, look for suitableexamples both online and in other available sources.

The introduction part

Your argumentative essay on if money can buy happiness shouldstart with an effective attention grabber because it easilyevokes readers’ interest. Inserting a question that will beanswered in the main body is one of the best methods to do it.Make your question brief and connected to a thesis statement.When writing the introduction part, avoid general phrases andensure that a thesis is no longer than 2 brief sentences. Explaina major argument in this paragraph briefly. If you’re asked towrite a short argumentative paper, its introduction should beshort too.

The main part

Every paragraph in the main body should start with a specialtopic sentence. Its basic purpose is to introduce the mainargument of a particular section while showing how the evidenceyou present supports it. You need to present and explain strongevidence without putting too much in one section. If you put toomany facts in it, a topic sentence won’t be evidence to readers.Besides, every paragraph shouldn’t be too long, just make surethat you spend enough space to supporting facts without squeezingtoo many arguments into one essay section.

The summary part

Some assignment prompts may ask you to give a logical summary ofyour main argument, whilst others consider this writing strategyinappropriate and boring. After ending the can money buyhappiness essay that you write, the main argument will beestablished. Use the summary part of your paper to present somebroader thoughts originated from your supporting evidence andarguments. Provide readers with some important lessons drawn fromthe main idea and indicate basic parallels to any differentplace, time, and issue. You can also present a personal oremotional reaction to a given material. Be quite thoughtful andfree when writing your argumentative essay on this topic. Aftergiving strong proofs in the main body, share broader suggestionswith the audience in a conclusion.

How to research this topic

The subject of whether money can buy happiness is quite popularbecause it studies a relationship between both subjects.Moreover, it’s linked with one of the most complicated,interesting, and sensitive questions that students need to answerin their academic papers. This debatable topic is studied a lotbecause it shares two different points of view.

On one hand, money has the ability to satisfy people’s basicmaterial needs and it serves as a well-known symbol of theirsuccess and status. Money makes you feel comfy while bringing asense of identity. Often, it stands for different things thatpeople may lack, including entertainments, clothes, adventures,and so on. After looking at money from this side, you can easilystate that money can buy your happiness.

On the other hand, examine in your essay whether people withenough money are really satisfied and happy. To prove yourstance, present interesting and strong examples that even wealthypeople have serious health problems and money can’t help them getany effective treatment and change other life circumstances.

The meaning of argumentative essay writing

When teachers ask their students to submit a strong argumentativepaper on whether money can buy happiness, they have one commonquestion in their mind. What to start with? First, you need get aclearer understanding of what this type of writing is. Anyargumentative essay is a paper that contains a few different oropposing views called arguments on this topic. Your task is topresent your valid evidence and supporting facts for the chosenstance while highlighting your point of view. To write aninteresting paper, discuss points of view and think overcounterarguments. You may need to write the best argumentativecan money buy happiness essay on many occasions.

What your argumentative essay should include

What does a strong argumentative paper include? It’s anotherquestion that should be answered to submit the best essay. Themain parts include a conclusion, an introduction, and the mainbody. Many students think that they are easy to write, but theyoften end up feeling confused. The introduction part shouldn’tcontain any ideas or opinions that support the main argumentbecause its basic purpose is to highlight the significance ofyour topic. For instance, some assignment prompts may ask you toanswer such questions in the introduction:

  • Why is this subject so important these days?
  • What led to the issue being discussed?

Likewise, the conclusion part must contain your predictions ofpossible future implications of the main problem withoutdiscussing any of your arguments. That’s because they arediscussed in the main part.

Effective argumentative essay writing tips

If you’re stuck when writing a good paper on if money can buy anyhappiness, use these tips because they can help you find theright direction for your arguments and ideas:

  • Ensure that all body paragraphs contains only a singlecentral idea to focus on;
  • Avoid jumping to highlighting a few ideas in the sameparagraph;
  • Use enough linking words;
  • Make all paragraphs clearly visible to readers;
  • Use different grammar structures and words to avoid anyrepetition;
  • If assignment prompts ask you to share a personal opinion, doit clearly.

When developing strong arguments in the main part, you need togive specific examples to support a given idea. However, usingtoo general sentences or facts is never good to prove that yourmajor argument is valid. Provide the audience with specifichistorical names, sources, and figures to support every argumentthat you make in your essay. Sequence your evidence for allarguments logically and give a few brief and strong sentences forevery point. You should share only truthful information withoutovergeneralizing.

Why proofread a final draft

Proofread your argumentative essay in if money can buy happinessto ensure that it contains no mistakes and flaws that will hinderyour chance to earn higher marks. The process of essayproofreading includes:

  • Correcting spelling errors;
  • Correcting your essay punctuation when needed;
  • Checking your academic paper for any grammar mistakes.

At this stage, it’s also necessary to ensure that your initialtask is addressed properly, all linking words are abundant andlogical, and all paragraphs are strong and clear. Determinewhether it’s easy for readers to read your argumentative paper.If your answer is positive, feel free to submit it withconfidence.

Another crucial point is to take into account who you’re writingyour essay to. That’s because the audience will define the rightwriting style. For example, when writing for your teachers andinstructions, you need to avoid any emotional punctuation andlanguage, idioms and informal words, using personal pronouns andaddressing them directly. Write only impersonal phrases and usethe passive voice to succeed. Finally, believe in yourself as agood writer. If you’re confident in your writing abilities andtalents, any argumentative essay is an easy task for you.

Basic principles of argumentative writing

To submit a good paper on whether money can buy happiness, youshould understand basic principles to avoid common pitfalls thatmay be lurking. First, follow the necessary assignment promptsand guidelines. Although students often write good essays, theyearn low grades only because they fail to follow all thedirections given by instructors. As an example, if you submit aninformational paper when you’re required to write anargumentative essay, it’s a huge problem. If you have any doubtsor questions, talk to teachers to clear them out.

Take citations seriously and use a particular formatting style.Your top priority is following the rules concerning works cited,in-text citations, and references pages. Teachers will deductpoints if you fail to meet this requirement, no matter whetheryour essay is strong or not. Attribute all ideas to theiroriginal sources, either primary or secondary, and give credit toavoid problems with plagiarism and compromise your performance.

Happiness is an emotion that we discover inside our own selves as human beings. An object can make a person happy for a short while but happiness is for a lifetime. If somebody thinks money can buy happiness then that is not true happiness.

Money is given huge importance and the simple things which bring us true happiness are often overlooked. One of the things that give happiness is love. It does not cost anything but can fill your life with happiness. This feeling cannot be purchased. It cannot be traded for any amount of money in the world. Generally, people believe that they can make someone feel happy or loved with the help of money, and perhaps they can but only for a while. Here are essays of varying lengths on the topic Money can’t buy happiness. You can select anyone you need:

Long and Short Essay on Money can’t buy Happiness

Money can’t buy Happiness Essay 1 (200 words)

In general, Happiness is a difficult word to define. The way of measuring happiness is different for everyone. Few people trust that money can buy happiness, whereas others disagree. According to me, although having lots of money will surely provide us lot of ways to entertain ourselves but it can’t buy love and happiness.

Money can’t buy love and a happy life comes from having good friends and family who care about us. Our life becomes meaningful and happy when we are around loved ones. For example, I have read an article about a famous actress in Bollywood who died due to depression and was all alone during her last days. She had been a really popular actress because of her beauty and acting skills. Even though she was earning a huge fortune every year, she was not happy as she didn’t have any close friend or family who could take care of her. Whereas I have seen people who have a happy life without money because they are surrounded by people who love them and care for them.

In most cases people have to work hard to earn lots of money and due to which they have less time for their social life. Many businessmen work 6 days a week and earn good money but they don’t have the time to spend that money and remain stressed. People have money but if they don’t have the time to enjoy their life than it is worthless.

Money can’t buy Happiness Essay 2 (300 words)


This term happiness can be well explained by the happiness model. It is quite simple; Happiness refers to a greater presentation which can bring greater rewards. Let’s take a look at the Happiness Model:

The Happiness Model

According to this model, if you love what you do then it is obvious that you will be keen on knowing it better and will have a better clarity on the subject. With this clarity, you are bound to perform better which lead you to success and thus the reward attached to it.

A Psychological study has revealed that bigger happiness, comfort, and positivity can show the way to better performance. Whatsoever activity one is undertaking, he is sure to be successful when he is in a state of happiness. It enables him to perform at a superior level.

What does it bring?  It brings the rewards that you are aiming at. These can be both monetary and non-monetary. It can be a simple appreciation from your superior at work and receiving a pat on the back. On the other hand, it may also lead to the achievement of your sales target and attainment of the bonus attached to it, or a greater opportunity of getting a promotion.

The more constant and steady your happiness and optimistic outlook is, the better performance you will have in your pursuit.

A person will be more productive and more successful in whatever work he is doing if he is coming to work with excitement each day. In your personal life, it is not different.


You will reap the reward if you do what you love. You will generally perform better and will not only be more wealthy in monetary and non-monetary terms but you will also lead a more fulfilling and happy life. There is a world of opportunities. So get out into the world and enjoy what’s around.

Money can’t buy Happiness 3 (400 words)


A lot of people think that happiness can be acquired with the help of money, or that you need money to be happy. But there are a few of us that still believe that the best things in life are free. Many things that can make us truly happy cost nothing. Friends, family, relationships all are priceless. Such things cannot be bought and that is what real happiness is about. Several people think that material wealth or just plain money can make them happy, or can buy them the things they believe can make them happy.

Money can’t buy Happiness

Our family, friends, and relatives are the people that have been there for us all through our lives. All the memories we have with us were created with them and every story behind our bumps, bruises, embarrassments, dating experiences and all other extraordinary events is known to them. No amount of money on the planet could pay for that. Memories are formed and created hence they cannot be paid for or paid off. I have been a family oriented person, so I don’t appreciate why some people would think that money could buy happiness.

Lot of us think of our friends as treasures. A friend is somebody that likes you for what you are and who you are, and they continue to believe in you even when you stop believing in yourself. The friendship which we form is a tight bond and we get emotionally involved with people. Money can’t obstruct with our approach, nor can money buy us true friends. We as individuals would be very sorrowful without friends to tell our secrets to and having a shoulder to lean on when we need it.

I have personally seen people who buy clothes, accessories, food or anything to buy friends. It might work but only for a while and then it just goes to demonstrate once again that money cannot buy happiness.


The finest things in life are indeed free. We may occasionally take for granted the items we have, which are priceless. We might not realize how important love, family, and friends are, but when we really analyze it, we know that indeed the best things in life are free of cost. Money can only buy the materialistic things and relations that last for a short while whereas no money is required for the relations build with heart and emotions. Remember, money can’t buy you happiness but happiness can get you more money!

Money can’t buy Happiness 4 (500 words)


Can you be happy if you have a big mansion to stay, an indoor pool to bathe or a luxury car to drive. Or is it something related to the sense of freedom, love, relationship, and self-realization. There are basically two types of people who think that Money can’t buy happiness – Those who have an excess of money and still find themselves unhappy and those who have never had plenty of money.

What is Happiness?

What is happiness? Is it pleasure?

Is there any difference between happiness and pleasure?

Happiness is always defined differently by different people. Somebody’s happiness may be a bad fortune to the other. So what is ultimate happiness? It is something which differentiates you from the materialistic pleasures and you stay in constant bliss. You multiply your happiness by helping others, being calm and caring. This kind of happiness cannot be bought with money.

Needs V/S Wants

Life is very simple but we make it complicated. The basic rule of life includes ‘Needs and Wants’. The things which are basics for human survival like food, clothes, shelter etc are the needs. Sufficient money, electricity, education, and transport can also be counted as needs in modern day life. Once a man fulfils his basic needs, he doesn’t stop there, he desires for more. A salary hike, a better home in the city, expensive clothes, luxury vehicle and when he crosses this stage he wants even more like a world tour, a luxury villa and new hobbies like golf, sailing, etc.

So basically wants are never ending and if the happiness is dependent on these factors then it’s really hard to imagine that one will get happiness because he/she will be always indulged in acquiring more and more. It is good to be ambitious and money can be a good driving force to lead a comfortable life but when one becomes greedy and selfish then the ultimate goals of life are replaced with materialistic things. An achievement does bring happiness but for a short span. We work hard for years to achieve something but it vanishes in few days or months.

Is Money Important?

It will be wrong to say that money is not important. Just imagine, you are travelling somewhere with your family. In this journey, your goal is the journey itself and not the destination. That journey with family is the happiness but the fuel required to run the car throughout the journey requires money. If the fuel tank dries, you can still drive it on a slope but that will be risky. Human life also works the same way, money is essential to run the life and it is very difficult to survive without money. You struggle for happiness when earning money is the only goal in your life.

Happiness v/s Pleasure

You can acquire pleasure with money but actually you need a lot of money to buy pleasure. A wise man will not mix happiness with pleasure whereas a common man thinks pleasure as definitive happiness and at the end of the day he may find himself in depression, anger, loneliness but with a lot of money. There are several businessmen in India who earn in millions and can afford pleasures but they get happiness by doing social work and charity and that is the source of their happiness. Mr. Ratan Tata who is one of India’s top businessmen spends 60% of his earning to social service, NGO, and charity.


It should be noted that money is an essential part of modern life and one cannot survive without it but one should not make money as the sole source of happiness. Money can buy pleasures but not happiness and these two things should be kept different.


Money can’t buy Happiness 5 (600 words)


Happiness and honesty are some of the human attributes that cost nothing at all. As it is said, the best things in life are free and there are certain things in life where the currency has no value – like friends, family, and good memories.

True Happiness is Priceless

Some priceless possessions that are essential for happiness but cannot be bought are mentioned below:

  1. An honest opinion from a loved one.
  2. True friends who have your back.
  3. A family you can always count on.
  4. True love
  5. Humour and laughter
  6. Having a positive attitude
  7. Doing a good deed
  8. The first time someone says, “I love you.”
  9. Quality time with your loved ones.
  10. Having someone listen to you intently.
  11. The love of your children, family, and significant other.
  12. Pushing one to achieve something great.

Happiness and Other Things Money Cannot Buy

Clearly, money cannot buy happiness. What else can money not buy?

Love: Money can buy attraction, power, and lust but it cannot buy love. Love is an emotion that can only be felt and experienced. It is something intimate, heartfelt and mysterious.

Truth: Money may be able to buy authority but the truth is most powerful of all. Sometimes money is exhausted to shove beliefs or an agenda and can even be used to generate unfair study to strengthen an opinion. Sometimes, people are able to hide the truth with the help of money but not for long. In the end, no matter how much money is spent on forging the truth it will always be exposed.

Time: You will never get back the time you have spent. Each minute that has passed will never return. Despite so much scientific and medical advancements, there is no way that we can reverse the time or extend our life. No amount of money can turn the clock back so we should live our life to the fullest, work hard and enjoy what we have.

Peace: It has been seen that the wealthier a person, the less peace of mind he possesses. Money cannot buy you peace. Many individuals have spent countless amount of money to establish inner peace and this vast sum of money has never been able to come close to what we could define as peaceful. Peace does not depend on your bank statement. It depends on how you train your mind and set your expectations.

Talent: Money can certainly help you to enhance and develop a talent within you but you won’t be able to purchase talent or skill. Besides inborn talent, there is a zest to learn and gain knowledge to nurture a skill or talent. All this cannot be purchased with any amount of money.

These are all essential components of happiness!


“Money has never made a man happy and nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness”. A precious and priceless asset, happiness is something no sum of money can ever buy. It is doubtlessly treasured more than any material item you possess.


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