A2 Photography Coursework Ideas For Fundraisers

Many high school Photography students are unsure how to present flat, printed photographic images in a creative and visually appealing way. This article provides examples of 16 Photography sketchbooks to help motivate and inspire students who study high school qualifications such as NCEA Level 3 Photography (Scholarship), A Level Photography, and IB Art.

Sketchbook pages by Joshua Brooks:


Two A Level sketchbook pages by Melissa Kelsey, completed while studying at ACG Strathallan College, Auckland, New Zealand. Melissa gained 100% and Top in New Zealand for her CIE A Level Photography submission (you may be interested in reading our article about her AS Photography Coursework).


A Level Photography sketchbook pages by Ellie Powell:  


Mr Sam Kiff, an Art teacher from Thomas Tallis School, London, UK, has generously uploaded the sketchbooks of his A Level Photography students, providing these as valuable learning opportunities for others. The level of creativity and inventiveness shown in the work – such as this A Level Photography Coursework sketchbook by Natalie M – is outstanding. Viewing a sketchbook in its entirety is very helpful, as it shows the exploration and development of ideas over time.


An A Level sketchbook from Fortismere Secondary School Art Department:


An NCEA Level 3 Photography (Scholarship) workbook, sourced from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority:

An A Level sketchbook page by Hannah Shrigley:  


A mixed media sketchbook page by Emeline Beroud: 


A Level Sketchbook pages by Alicia Pote-Hunt:


An NCEA Level 3 Photography (Outstanding Scholarship) workbook sourced from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority:  


An International Baccalaureate workbook page by Ariadne Strofylla from Moraitis School, Athens, Greece:  


A sketchbook page by Mark Hoynes, completed while studying at St Boniface’s Catholic College, Plymouth, United Kingdom (image sourced from their Art Department’s Flickr profile):


A Level sketchbook pages by Sjassyria:  


An A Level Photography project by Stella Braasch:

An A Level Art project by Ursula Underhill:  


An A2 Photography sketchbook by Emily Betts:  


It is clear from the examples above that there is not one best presentation style for a photography sketchbook; ultimately a student should embrace a style which complements their own work and plays to their strengths.



This article showcases quality presentation ideas for Photography sketchbooks. We have written other articles specifically for those who need inspiration for their Painting / Fine Art sketchbooks, Graphic Design sketchbooks, Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks and Textiles and Fashion sketchbooks. If you would like more guidance about this topic, please read our tips for producing an Amazing GCSE or A Level Art Sketchbook!

A profitable and easy fundraiser for any group is portrait fundraising. Putting together a photography fundraiser is actually quite simple. Here’s some tips on how to do your own or enhance one conducted by an outside company.

Fundraising With Portraits

Get The Picture is a name I coined for portrait event fundraisers. The idea here is to offer family portraits, glamour shots, vintage photos, and other “dressy” pictures.

You’ll need a central location with plenty of room for costume changes, picture-taking backdrops, and a waiting area. The best times are usually Saturdays. Pre-sell the event with flyers and “reserved session” tickets.

You’ll want to get photo commitments up front from roughly 250 people to make this really worth your while.

Your sales pitch should “Focus on the Fun:”

1 – Capture The Moment (before it slips away)
2 – Dress up Picture Party (be there or be square)
3 – Goofy Faces Wanted! (yours included)

Or tug at the heart:

1 – When’s the last time you sent a family photo Christmas card?
2 – They’re not getting any younger… Get a portrait!
3 – Mother/daughter, Father/son – Pictures last a lifetime!

Your group can coordinate with a local photographer or partner with a national photography chain. Many offer deals where your supporters get a full-sized family portrait for $10 and your group gets that payment, plus additional performance bonuses.

Action Shots

Another great picture fundraising idea that works especially well for sports teams is selling candid shots of a playoff game or other high traffic event.  Don’t forget to get shots of the spectators too!

Ask someone with the team with camera equipment and a love of photography to take action photos during the game, award ceremony, or even season kick-off practice. Sell the photos to parents or participants for a fee that goes to the team funds.

Remember that your photographer may have expenses that will have to be reimbursed, but the cost should be nominal.

Use a collection of the pictures to create a team collage photo.

For any photo fundraiser, you can add to your take if you offer photo buttons, photo key chains, photo mugs, and so on. While it certainly makes the organization of the fundraiser more complicated, you can also add to the bottom line by offering a variety of photo options.

Having these fundraising items made can be done locally, or in the digital age, upload your digital pictures to a wide variety of companies that offer this service.

Always get pre-paid orders before purchasing any of these items since they are usually non-returnable unless they are defective.

Combine your photography fundraiser with another fundraising event and leverage the occasion. Whether your fundraising event is a Spring Carnival or a Casino Night, make sure that selling candid photos is part of your fundraising picture.


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