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Grammar item 1: …but sooner or later we have to sleep.
 In this sentence have to sleep is used to express the idea that we are obliged to sleep even if we don’t wish to do so.
 CCQs: Is it something we must do? Yes. Can we avoid it? No.
Use of examples: We have to use the safety belt. Children have to attend school by law.

Have to is a non-modal alternative to the modal verb must to talk about obligation.
It is interchangeable with have got to, this last form being more common in spoken and informal British
The structure of the have to form is Subject+ Have+ Infinitive (with to).
The negative form expresses an absence of obligation.
It can be used in questions to…show more content…

 CCQs: Will death happen? Yes. Will it happen immediately? No. Will it be an easy death? No.
Synonyms: finally, at the end.


Time adverb that provides information about the time of an action or event in relation to some other point of time (often now).
The position of this adverb is flexible: at the end of a clause, preceding a main verb and between two auxiliary verbs. Also, at the beginning of a clause, particularly in written or more formal styles of English.




…….we suffer hallucinations, and eventually die.
Anticipated problems and solutions
 Problem: Eventually is a false friend with the Spanish word “eventualmente” (de forma incierta) which in
English should be translated as by chance, occasionally.
Solution: Use CCQs to explain difference. Request examples using both expressions from students and ask them to think and explain difference in meaning.
 Problem: Incorrect word order, students place eventually after a verb and before a direct object i.e. She found eventually the lost dog. This word order would be correct in Spanish: Encontró finalmente el perro que habia perdido.
Solution: Ask the students for sentences with eventually and, on the board, write different combinations of the same sentence, given by the students, by changing the position of the adverb. Mark the

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Celta Assignment 2

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Assignment 2
Language related task

Example 1: We can put off sleeping for a limited period. (Lexis)
The lexis Put off means that we do not want to do it now. We will do it at a later time. Synonym Procrastinate
Concept Questions:
Do we want to do it now? No
Will we do it later? Yes
Base Verb + Adverb + Phrasal verb put off sleeping
Put off is a phrasal verb used in everyday language by native English speakers

can put off sleeping Phonemic pronunciation: / pʊt ɒf /
There is linking with the weak form of off in this verbal phrase.
The sentence stress in on the phrasal verb put off and the continuous verb sleeping
Appropriacy: Informal, can be used when you…show more content…

They are thinking that this is a past tense sentence because invented is being used in its past form in this conditional sentence.
Solution: The sentence will need to be written on the white board and broken down into its separate parts. After you diagram the sentence for the students they will be able to see that this is a probability not a possibility and understand that you are speaking as if it has happened even though it has not.
Problem: Students still are confused with the context. Why is there a question at the end?
Solution: Use your concept questions to reinforce the meaning of the sentence. Show them the meaning of the 4 conditions Zero, First, Second and Third

Example 4: Everything that has happened to us during the day (Grammar)
The has happened in this grammar structure is in the past and is not a finished action yet. The action could still be continuing. The sentence does not tell you that it is completed.
Concept Questions:
Is the action finished? No
Will it continue? Yes
Do you know when it started? No
Was this at night? No, it was during the day
Singular present verb (3rdpers) + Past participle Has Happened
Has happened is a 3rd person singular verb used in the present perfect tense.

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