Fourth Grade Research Paper Example

Where To Get A Research Paper Template For 4th Grade Students

It’s a pretty young age to start writing research papers in 4th grade. These young students really need a little extra help in knowing how to set up and organize their first paper. A template is a great way to do that because it provides a pattern the student can follow.

The best place to find one of these templates is online. This is something that shouldn’t cost anything or at least not very much, to obtain. Many writing agencies online may offer this type of product. You might find it as a free item or as a bonus when you try out another one of their products or services. Some templates are pieces of software which you can also purchase online.

You can also look at school or educational sites online to try and find a template that caters to the 4th grade level. This is very important because it will be set out in a more simplified form than a research template for a college student would be.

What are the advantages in using a template to write a research paper?

  • They guide the student through each step of the writing experience
  • They show step by step what needs to be done next so the student doesn’t get overwhelmed
  • They help the student stay focused and on the right track with their topic
  • They give help and support to help prevent the student from becoming frustrated
  • They show how to make the outline and put all the parts of the paper together in the right order
  • They help with the proper fonts, spacing, style and so forth.
  • Guides them through the process so they always know what part to do next and aren’t stuck feeling lost.

Writing this paper can be a very exciting time for 4th grade students. It feels like such a grownup thing to do. It’s a great time to learn this skill so they aren’t as worried about writing papers at an older age.

Once you have found a good template to use, the next step is to start doing some research and brainstorming to discover what topic they want to write about. Usually there is a little freedom in choosing; the topic may have to get approved by their teacher. They may be limited to using nonfiction ideas taken directly from the class curriculum.

In fourth grade, students are starting to prepare for middle school, when nonfiction writing is practiced in all subjects. What’s more, under the Common Core Standards, nonfiction writing is more and more essential to the curriculum. Learn more about your fourth grader’s writing under Common Core. According to the standards, students should be learning three types of writing:

Informative/explanatory writing

Like a report, the purpose of this type of writing is to convey information accurately with facts, details, and supportive information.


These can be stories or screenplays or other fiction written in the first, second, or third person.

Opinion pieces

In opinion writing, students encourage readers to accept their opinion about something by writing what they and why.

Fourth grade writing sample #1

John Cabot and the Rediscovery of North America

In this child’s report on John Cabot, you’ll see a few important features. First, there are five sections, each with a bolded header announcing what sort of information follows. Note that the fifth section is the bibliography, where everyone can see the two sources this student relied on for her information.

Type of writing: Informative/explanatory writing


Fourth grade writing sample #2

Big Book of Evolution

Dylan’s report on evolution is also divided into sections. Note that Dylan uses visuals throughout this report. What’s more, the report has a table of contents at the beginning, and at the end, Dylan cites his sources for the written information and the visuals.

Type of writing: Informative/explanatory writing


Fourth grade writing sample #3

A Tale of Despereaux

This is a classic fourth grade book report. Note that the student uses headers to announce what type of information follows: the summary, the characters, and the writer’s recommendation about the book.

Type of writing: Informative/explanatory writing


Fourth grade writing sample #4

Zoos Should Close

This student writes an opinion piece about why she thinks zoos should close. Note that she cites multiple reasons with examples of why zoos aren’t good for animals. She also addresses a counterargument and refutes it, which isn’t actually required until seventh and eighth grade.

Type of writing: Opinion writing


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