Born Detroit, 1953 / BA, University of Detroit / Lives in Detroit

Where do you begin with Maurice Greenia, Jr., aka Maugré? This painter, sculptor, blogger, actor, musician, cartoonist, pamphleteer, puppeteer and all-around walking art project is a bundle of creative energy focused through a lens likely ground in some dimension far, far away but somehow reflecting so much of our world.

His prolific works in watercolor, acrylic, oil, and pen and ink, such as View of a World (2007), create in viewers the irresistible urge to consider how, under what circumstances, the strange and colorful figures prancing across a strange and fantastical landscape could make sense. Look at one of his estimated 10,000 (!) drawings or his pieces hanging in a gallery exhibit, such as the huge section of Detroit’s Museum of Contemporary Art given to Greenia in a 2008 show there. Some will jump out and resonate for reasons that may immediately call to mind something of personal significance. Others may resonate for reasons that may not become clear for a long time, if ever, yet they will continue to compel and intrigue.

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Wow, what a night. We officially launched Essay’d: 30 Detroit Artists into the world, with an all-out celebration that exceeded my wildest dreams. From the massive turnout, to the graciousness of the MOCAD in hosting us, to the tear-jerking special address by Marsha Battle Philpot (aka Marsha Music), to the tremendous outpouring of love and excitement over the project – it was all I could have hoped for. After a lot of intensive work on Essay’d, it was truly gratifying to see how important it is for members of the Detroit art community.

Thanks to all who came out! Thanks to WSUP for their interest in us and such a beautiful end product! Thanks to my co-collaborators, Steve Panton, Matthew Piper, and Dennis Nawrocki! We did it!!

And if you missed the party, but still want the goods, never fear – you can order your very own copy right here. I heard a rumor that there may be forthcoming volumes in this series…but it’s based on book sales, so do with that what you will!

August 5, 2016Sarah SharpWritingbook launch, Essay'd in print, Essay'd: 30 Detroit Artists, MOCAD


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