Csusb College Prowler Essay

University of California - Davis

14 Top Party Schools in California

Freshman: UC Davis is one of a kind. Although Davis is not a busy or bustling college town, the campus is very diverse, safe, amazing, and eco-friendly. Students here are very dedicated to making the campus waste free! The quarter system and workload are both rationally challenging, but there is a myriad of professors/TAs and resources around campus that can benefit students at a flexible schedule. Regardless of your culture, religion, sexual orientation, or political beliefs, UC Davis is very accepting to everyone. There are a variety of clubs, student organizations, and extracurricular activities. Bike traffic does exist on campus, so students have to be extra careful before crossing streets, but above all this UC Davis is the place to be!
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  • 42% Acceptance Rate

  • $16,039 Net Price

  • 1050-1330 SAT Range

My experience with this college is not a good one, but I only had contact with the Geology department back in 2006-2007. Dr. Britt Leatham is amazing, and a super genius right out of the Simpson's! Dr. Erik Melchiorre is out of the Lord of the Rings movie, part elf, part dwarf character. Dr. Fryxell and Dr. Smith are old antiquated professors that need to retire. We should have learned so much more than what they were teaching at the time, I am untrained in real world geological field work, thank god for the option to go to Geology field camp, which I did at Southern Oregon Univ. Way better program with better professors this is where I learned how to map and identify rocks in the field. One caveat, it looks like the department hired new professors,so it might be a better program now with Dr. McGill teaching again with new professors. What I got was a power struggle between the 3 professors mentioned with Dr. Leatham the only one knowing what the hell was going on in the real world.


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