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Tutoring programs for students

We know that learning continues outside the classroom and that students and parents need access to resources.

The Ontario government and its partners offer tutoring services for students to help them succeed.

Homework Help
Homework Help is free, real-time math tutoring by certified Ontario teachers available to students in Grades 7 to 10 in all English-language school boards. Students have access to live, interactive online math help funded by the Ministry of Education. This program is password protected and not available to the general public.

TVOKids Homework Zone
Homework Zone is a TVO segment that invites students to call or email questions to a teacher who provides answers, solutions and tips on air. The focus of the segment is on literacy, math and science, and an archive of the videos is made available online for students, parents and educators.

SOS Devoirs
SOS Devoirs, which is operated by TFO, provides tutoring services and educational resources such as dictionaries and multimedia learning objects to French-language students from Grades 1 to 12. Students can get help in any subject matter from specialized teachers via chat, by phone and by e-mail. SOS Devoirs' tutoring services are available Monday to Thursday, from 3:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., during the school year.

Tutors in the Classroom
The Tutors in the Classroom initiative assists school boards in hiring post-secondary students enrolled in Ontario colleges and universities to work as tutors in JK to Grade 6 classrooms. The tutors support the work of classroom teachers by working directly with students to reinforce previously taught literacy and numeracy concepts and skills.

Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership Tutoring
OFIP Tutoring supports school boards in initiating or extending programs that help students in Grades JK to 6 to strengthen their literacy and numeracy skills beyond the regular school day. This includes programs such as before and after-school tutoring, homework clubs and cultural programs that focus on literacy and numeracy skill development. Partnerships with existing community-based programs that provide tutoring for students are encouraged.

Most often when you ask students about their favourite school subjects, math isn’t something you’ll typically hear. Why is that? Math is used in almost everything we do, yet it is one of the most feared and struggled with subjects in school. Extra help is often recommended for struggling students but finding a qualified yet affordable mentor is not so easy. Math tutoring has an infinite list of benefits but in today’s expensive world, it is not an option for most.

 Fortunately, Homework Help provides FREE online math resources available 24/7 and FREE 1:1 live tutoring with an Ontario Certified Teacher 5 days a week: Sunday-Thursdays 5:30pm-9:30pm ET.

Homework Help is funded by the Ontario Government and administered by TVO’sIndependent Learning Centre. The program offers FREE online tutoring to Grade 7 to 10 students in 60 English public school boards in Ontario. In addition, the website has a collection of over 250 videos, tutorials and pre-recorded presentations available to students online at any time.  Students can access all of this and more by creating a free account. Students can register at using their Ontario Education Number and their date of birth.

 This online math haven allows students to get help after school hours, when teachers or parents are unavailable to help. It also acts as a great resource for teachers, as they can incorporate the lessons available online and helpful tools into their classroom. We sat down with Isha Seth, the Client Relations & Outreach Officer for Homework Help and chatted about this fantastic educational resource. 

How does Homework Help encourage collaboration?

We encourage each tutoring session to be approached as a collaboration – with the tutor providing leading questions and the student working through various strategies and approaches to the topic.  Not only can students engage with a tutor, they can watch other student’s and learn from their strategies, approaches and successes.  At any time a student observer can tag a session to their own digital locker for future learning.

What are success stories you have had from your project?

We’ve received some great success stories from students, parents and teachers! We have received testimonials from our students crediting Homework Help with the increase in their marks, confidence and for their improved understanding. One user had asked over 150 questions in our Ask A Tutor chat and reported a 30% jump in their marks over the school year. We’ve also received feedback from parents who express gratitude for the extra help we provide their children. For parents, it’s difficult to remember some of the math concepts their children are exploring now since many of them learned the same material ages ago. Imagine the amount of stress having to teach your child something you don’t remember! Homework Help provides comfort to parents by providing the math help their children need. All of our tutors are Ontario Certified Teachers, so they are familiar with the curriculum and the employ differentiated instruction to help every student reach their math potential.

How do you encourage problem solving conversations on the site?

Every homework question is an opportunity for a math conversation!  Tutors encourage students to explore a question in a format that makes sense to them.   The student and tutor are able to converse through the chat or try different approaches on the whiteboard sharing ideas and experiences that culminate in a rich learning experience for each student.

Reading is an important factor in mathematics instruction. How does your site improve literacy of students while solving math problems?

Our tutors don’t shy away from using numerical terminology and stretching our students’ understanding of mathematical terms and the context being described in their questions.  Our Glossary is accessible from within the chat, enabling students to look up terms they are unfamiliar with and take ownership of their own understanding.  Often the majority of a session will be spent interpreting and working with the wording of a question, and then the math begins!

How do you train your tutors?

All of our Homework Help tutors are Ontario Certified Teachers. Every tutor is trained to use the chatroom to engage and empower students to tackle their math homework.  Practices used in the classroom are brought into the chat room to ensure the consistency of instruction.

What are other sites or services do you offer?

Homework Help is administered by TVO’s Independent Learning Center (ILC). The ILC offers a wide variety of online distance education courses , GED testing programs and  also offers Ask A Teacher, another free online chat for grade 11 and 12 students for math, english and science!  All of these great services can be found on


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