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Name : Chae Dong-ha (real name: Chae Do-shik)
Born/Death : June 23, 1981 / May 27, 2011 (aged 30)
Physical : Height 182cm, Weight 73kg
Debut : 2002 1st album ‘Nature’
Label : WS Entertainment
Education : Broadcast from Seoul Institute of The Arts

This is Soompi’s special tribute for the talented singer Chae Dong Ha, who tragically died on May 27 after committing suicide. His real name is Choi Do Shik and was a recording artist, singer-songwriter and an actor. Chae Dong Ha is recognized as the former leader of SG Wannabe. With the group, he become popular with their album becoming Korea’s best selling album of the year in 2007. Prior to joining SG Wannabe, Chae actually debuted as a solo singer in 2002 with his an album Na Ture.

Chae was the main vocalist and leader for SG Wannabe when the group debuted in 2004. He left the group in March of 2008 to pursue a solo career. The group gained a reputation for being quite mysterious because they did not show their faces and did not star in any of their music videos. Nevertheless, their vocal abilities attracted many fans. The trio decided that they will debut faceless so as to let fans appreciate their music and vocals rather than good looks. Their music video, which took after concepts from dramas and used famous actors and actress, gained much popularity from fans of all ages. The “SG” in their group name is the representation of “Simon & Garfunkel” a duo male singing sensation of the 70s from America.

Chae released four albums with SG Wannabe. Each of the albums broke various music record and gained awards in the music industry. The first album SG Wanna Be+ won Best New Artist in all the newcomer awards with track title “Timeless”. The second album Saldaga (2005) was No. 1 in album sales and they won Daesang (best album) in year end music awards. For third album The 3rd Masterpiece (2006), they were the first to release a digital album. During this time, they also were vocal trainers and producers for See Ya first album, from which they won the Best Producer award. SG Wannabe released their fourth album in 2007 and took home the Daesang in Golden Disk Award. That was the peak of their career.

The fifth album My Friend (2008) was the last album Chae Dong Ha with the group. He did not participate in the album, with the exception of one song “I Miss You”. His last performance on TV was a tearful event.

Chae decided not to continue his contract with the current company due to his solo expansion career in acting. After leaving SG Wannabe, Chae Dong Ha took some time out to prepare for a solo career. He was ready to captivate the hearts of music lovers with his powerful voice colored with rich emotions. Chae’s last album was an ambitious endeavor, which featured 40-plus pages of photos and 12 tracks, making it one of the must-have albums. He said at the time he put his heart and soul into the album so that anyone who listens to it can feel his sincerity and dedication to music.

Unfortunately, Chae couldn’t be active as an entertainer for a year due to neck injuries. More recently, he released his mini album last September resuming his activities.

Chae just returned from Japan after completing his Japanese promotions. It was just last week when fans received the shocking news that he died on May 27th committed suicide by hanging himself in his home in Bulkwang-dong. He was 30 years old. According to his agency, “Chae Dong Ha has always suffered from depression.” His death triggered concerns over the deepening problem of celebrity suicides in Korea—and its adverse effect on the country’s alarming suicide rate, which has ranked among the world’s highest in recent years.

Everyone here in Soompi express our deepest condolences to Chae Dong Ha and his family. May he rest in peace and fans will never forget him. Even though Chae Dong Ha has left us, his music will stay with us forever.

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Many of you don't know older bands like SG Wannabe. Why is only one of the members name in the title? Keep reading to learn about SG Wannabe's tragic story.

SGWannabe (SG 워너비) is a ballad group that debuted in 2004.

Kim Yong Jun, the 1st member &Leader

Kim Jin Ho the 2nd member

Lee Seok Hoon the 3rd/4th member. He replaced Chae Dong Ha in 2008 when he left SG Wannabe

So those are the 3 CURRENT members of the group,so where is Cha Dae Young? Let's talk about this later, instead below are their albums:

1st album: SG Wannabe+ (2004)

2nd album: Saldaga (살다가) (While You Live) (2005)

Third album: The 3rd Masterpiece (2006)

4th album: The Sentimental Chord (2007)

5th album: My Friend (2008)(This is when Cha Dong Ha left)

6th Album: Gift From SG Wannabe (2009)

They gained lots of popularity and recognition due to their lack of public appearances. They wanted fans to love them for their voices and not their face.

Now, let's talk about Chae Dong-Ha. Did you notice their albums stopped at 2009? Their is a reason to this. In 2011, former member Chae Dong-Ha commited suicide. The members took a 4+-yr hiatus to grive the loss of their good friend&former member.

Chae Dong-Ha Last performance with themLast Performance

Get your tissues ready, because this is the sad part

Chae Dong-Ha died on May 27,2011 at the age of 30. He commitwd suicide hy hanging himself in his home in Seoul. He had been battling with depression after the death of his former manager, who also commited suicided 2 years ago by inhaling gas in a motel room. Chae Dong-Ha had written a special message for his manager in his album "Essay":" It was a moment more exciting than my first kiss.  My first manager.  My consolation, my friend, and my hyung. The moment I met that person, I had received the whole world. As of June 9th, 2009, he is no longer by my side.  Half of my heart is still missing.  Still. 'Hyung, you have to be happy, okay?Promise me that you'll be happy."

You can see the members carrying his coffin at his funeralChae Dong-Ha's funeral

살다가(Saldaga)-As I Live Song in his memory, sung by member(김진호)Kim.Jin Ho

Some time after his death, Kim Jin Ho shared in an interview,"Whenever I think about [Chae Dong Ha] hyung, of course, my heart hurts. To be honest, it is uncomfortable for me to talk about Dong Ha hyung... [Chae Dong Ha] hyung was like my family so we fought and laughed a lot. I am thankful to him but they're times I also hate him."

Everyone, let's us not forget Chae Dong-Ha and forever keep him in our memories


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