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Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

Deputy Inspector-General of Police (Operations), Sotonye Wakama, has declared that Nigeria Police Force would not spare anybody or “any sacred cow” who would want to disrupt Saturday, 19 March rerun election.

Wakama stated this Wednesday while addressing leaders of political parties and candidates in the forthcoming re-run elections, at the Police Officers’ Mess, Port Harcourt.

The DIG, who was in the meeting with Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone Six, Calabar, and Service Chiefs, as well as heads of other agencies, stressed that security would land hard on any person, irrespective of status in the state, that would cause problem.

The DIG who is from Okrika, in Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers state, frowned at the recent killings in the state, adding that as a Rivers man, he would ensure such heinous acts stopped, adding that there would be heavy deployment of police personnel and equipment ahead of the elections.

“In order ways, if volatility should occur, we are going to stretch, and I repeat, we are going to stretch the law to fullest elasticity. Let me explain it, if it would require us to use a pestle to kill a mosquito, I am not saying we are killing anybody, we are going to bring any erring person to book.

“We are not here to plead; we are not here to beg; we are not here to beseech or to request. We are here to tell you that, should there be any problem, wherever it rises from, we will deal with that problem with full weight of law,” he vowed.

The DIG further noted: “Our intelligence has told us about some groups, cult, violent groups in certain places around the state. More importantly, we know the sponsors. What do I mean? People buy and sponsor violence in the state.

“As from tomorrow (Thursday), once we notice that link between you and those that carry machetes and guns, that have decided to cause mayhem on 19 March, then we are going to move both you and that group.

“If any of such person is sitting here today, watching me, no matter who you are, and what you are, and where you come from, and no matter what your stature and status is, you are not greater than God Almighty.

“I am talking as a Rivers man; our people should have respite from all the rubbish that is going on in this state. I don’t want to sound as if it is a threat; but, we can tell ourselves the truth that things have gone wrong beyond what we can tolerate any longer. Extreme measure would be taken where necessary.”

Wakama said that he has refused to come home since he became a DIG for so many reasons.

“But, I am here today, on the insistence of the Federal Government, that, one of your own should come to speak to you. It would be ridiculous if I start having problem in my own house. It can’t happen.

“Like I said before, we are not appealing, imploring or pleading. We are not begging anybody. If you like, come out with your arms; if you like, come out with your machetes; you will now see what we will come out with. And I tell you, we will not be pitiful dealing with anybody no matter who the person is,” the police boss declared.

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