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Written by: Asim Razaon November 22, 2017.

Is colonial legacy impeding Pakistan’s progress?   (CSS-2017)

1. Introduction
2. What is colonial legacy?
3. Different manifestations of colonial legacy

(a)Colonial legacy in Political Sector
(b) Colonial legacy in Economic Sector
(c) Colonial legacy in Religious Sector
(d) Colonial legacy in Administrative Sector
(e) Colonial legacy in Social Sector

4. Colonial legacy: the biggest impediment to Pakistan’s progress

(a) Logical Proofs
(b) Factual Proofs
(i) Proofs from Economic Sector
(ii)Proofs from Political Sector
(iii) Proofs from Administrative Sector
(iv)Proofs from Social Sector
(v)Proofs from Religious Sector

5.Causes of persistent prevalence of colonial legacy

(a) Direct causes
(b) Indirect causes

6. How to get rid of colonial legacy and move forward

More and More Military Engagement by the United Nations, is the world moving towards peace?  (CSS-2017)

1. Introduction
2.An overview of United Nations and its major objectives
3. Mechanism and grounds for military engagement of the UN
4. Different forms of military engagements of the UN

(a) Peacekeeping missions
(b) Military observer groups
(c)Supervision of combats through peace representatives

5.Failure of UN military engagements to bring peace

(a) Proofs from Africa

(i)Unsettled crisis in Sudan
(ii)Unsettled crisis in Somalia
(iii) Situation in Congo
(iv)Situation in Chad and Libya

(b)Proofs from Asia

(i) UNMOG and Kashmir crisis
(ii)UNMOG and Pakistan – Afghanistan boundary issue

(c) Proofs from the Middle East

(i)Palestine-Israel conflict
(ii)Syrian crisis

6. Factors responsible for UN’s failure to achieve peace through military engagements
7.Impacts of UN’s failure in military engagements

(a)Political Impacts
(b) Economic Impacts
(c) Social Impacts

8. Recommendations for the amelioration of the situation

Are Modern wars not holy wars? (CSS-2017)

1. Introduction
2. What are holy wars?
3.Some examples of holy wars from history
4.Areas under war at present

(a) In Asia
(b) In Africa
(c) In the Middle East

5. Facts which prove that modern wars are not holy wars

(a)Political Facts
(b)Economic Facts
(c)Social Facts

6. An overview of ghastly impacts of modern war
7.Recommendations for getting rid of the wars and their bloody impacts

Changing Priorities of USA in Afghanistan and Expected Outcomes (Expected for CSS-2018)

1. Introduction
2. An overview of Afghan issue

(a)Russian invasion and US support for “Mujahideen”
(b)Russian exit and the situation afterwards
(c) Establishment of Taliban government
(d) The incident of 9/11 and response of Afghan government
(e)Re-emergence of Taliban
(f)Emergence of ISIS

3. US approach towards Afghanistan issue

(a) Approach of Bush Administration
(b) Strategies of Obama Administration
(c) Priorities of Trump Administration

4. Comparison of Trump’s policies with those of his predecessor
5.Analysis of Trump’s policy towards Afghanistan

(a) Positive Indicators
(b)Negative Indicators

6. Expected outcomes of Trump’s policies

(a) Expected outcomes with reference to political stability of Afghanistan
(b) Expected outcomes with reference to permanent end of war
(c)Expected outcomes with reference to curbing of ISIS
(d) Expected outcomes with reference to economic and social stability of Afghanistan
(e) Expected outcomes with reference to Afghanistan – Pakistan relations

7.Challenges to the resolution of Afghan issue

(a)Geographical Challenges
(b) Internal Challenges
(c) External or International Challenges

8.Cause of shift in US Policy

(a)Political Causes
(b) Economic Causes
(c)Administrative Causes
(d)Social Causes

9. Ideal US policy for Afghanistan issue
10. Other recommendations for the settlement of the issue

Accountability is essential to the development of Pakistan (Expected for CSS-2018)

2.Understanding the term accountability
3.Different aspects of accountability

(a) Political Accountability
(b) Economic Accountability
(c) Administrative Accountability
(d) Social Accountability
(e)Religious Accountability

4.An overview of accountability situation in Pakistan

(a)Situation in the past
(b) Present situation

5.Role of accountability as an essential ingredient of the development of Pakistan

(a)Accountability and Political Development of Pakistan
(b)Accountability and Economic Development of Pakistan
(c) Accountability and Administrative Development of Pakistan
(d)Accountability and Social Development of Pakistan

6.Hurdles in the way of accountability

(a)Legislative Hurdles
(b)Administrative Hurdles
(c) Financial Hurdles
(d) Social Hurdles

7. Recommendations for the improvement of accountability situation in Pakistan

CSSCSS Exam 2018English EssaysEnglish Essays for CSS 20182017-11-22

Asim Raza

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Dr Quratulain Malik (PAS) February 4, 2013637

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The Suffering Soul in the Scientific Age

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Does Pakistani Society Regard Woman as an Angel in the House or Source of all Evils?

Dr Quratulain Malik (PAS) December 5, 2012670

O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from him (Adam) He created his wife (Eve), and from them both He created many men and women and fear Allah through Whom you demand your mutual (rights), and (do not cut the relations of) the wombs (kinship). Surely, Allah is Ever and All-Watcher …

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Where Does The True Democracy Come From?

Dr Quratulain Malik (PAS) August 4, 2012338

DEMOCRACY IS A STATE WHERE THE FREE MEN AND THE POOR, BEING IN MAJORITY ARE VESTED WITH THE POWER OF THE STATE, THE MOST PURE DEMOCRACY, FOR THAT IS WHAT THE LAW IN THE STATE DIRECTS. (ARISTOTLE) The 64 years history of Pakistan stands evident of the fact that true democracy is a word unknown to this land of the …

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Economic cost of energy crisis in Pakistan and the way forward.

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What has gone wrong with the system of education in Pakistan?

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Introduction Quaid’s view on education Concept of education’ meaning and definition Significance of education’ as pillar of success Education’ an agent of socioeconomic reforms Spinal cord of the nation Thesis statement leading to conclusion Pakistan’s Education System as per 1973 Constitution Educational and economic reforms in backward areas Removing illiteracy Promotion of technical education’ basic concern Education’ access to all …

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Corruption In Pakistan Mother of all ills

Dr Quratulain Malik (PAS) May 4, 20122,415

Pakistan is lagging behind in all spheres of life. This is the outcome of corruption. It has brought Pakistan to the point where it has lost its identity and failed to establish its credibility among the other nations of the world. Introduction: Definition of corruption Root cause of all ills in Paki    stan Socio-economic backwardness’ an outcome of corruption Thesis …

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Need for Good Governance in Pakistan

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No one more sincerely wishes the spread of information among mankind than I do, and none has greater confidence in its effect towards supporting free and good government.’Thomas Jefferson Outline: Introduction Definition and concept of good governance Pre requisites/ Essentials of good governance Essentials of good governance: Stable democracy/ political stability Constitutional supremacy Rule of law/ effective implementation of law …

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Power of Media in Modern World

Dr Quratulain Malik (PAS) March 4, 20121,026

21st century has turned out to be a century of media war, as it has turned out to be the most lethal weapon of the contemporary age. Drastic, cultural, political and social changes can now be seen as a result of revolutions brought about by media. Media is bursting forth like a meteor and breaking new frontiers. Outline: Introduction: Power …

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The New Great Game and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

Other Writer February 4, 2012161

Outline Introduction Need of oil and gas Concept of regionalism Importance for Muslim countries Background Breakdown of the Soviet Union Caspian region Monopoly of the OPEC US’s  interests in the Region Oil dependency Countering influence of China Application for SCO membership Chinese Interests Enormous need for oil Xinjiang under the threat of terrorism Pakistan’s  Interests Need of oil and gas …

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