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List Of The Most Interesting IB Extended Essay Topic Ideas In History

This is an essay you likely won’t finish in one day. An extended paper is up to 4000 words in length. It must be discussed in detail with your supervisor or teacher. It’s quite a big undertaking and you shouldn’t take it lightly. If you seriously buckle down and do your best work following the instructions and topic ideas provided, you should be able to produce a stellar paper.

Your paper is a chance to go in-depth into a topic you find interesting but isn’t covered as part of your course curriculum. You usually get to choose your own topic and you might be confined to a certain era within history. You can expect to invest approximately 40 hours of work and will need to use primary sources.

  1. In what ways was the course of World War II changed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?
  2. Discuss some of the consequences and their repercussions of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919
  3. The growing opium market has changed over the decades. Discuss how it has evolved and some of the consequences
  4. Did politics have a significant role in the plays of William Shakespeare?
  5. How America developed and overtook Europe in the race for economic and industrious growth
  6. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  7. How people figured out how to make steel from iron as in the Bessemer process
  8. How has education evolved and improved over the past 3 decades?
  9. How has health care improved and evolved over the past 50 years?
  10. The invention of the television: how has it impacted daily life for the average person?
  11. The Cold War
  12. Global Warming
  13. England’s ice age in the 1850s
  14. The Great Depression
  15. The Titanic
  16. Civil Rights

There are higher expectations for this paper than just a regular history paper. You are expected to put in at least 40 hours of work and it should show in the quality of your essay. You need to be able to make a solid argument and develop it and take it to resolution. It’s essential to talk over your topic idea with your instructor to avoid wasting a lot of time. Get your topic chosen, approved by your instructor and then get started straight away on the research phase of the writing process.

Extended Essays for a core component of the International Baccalaureate Diploma program. A student is expected to independently research on a chosen topic of interest completing it with a 4000 world essay.

Students develop skills in:

  • formulating an appropriate research question
  • engaging in a personal exploration of the topic
  • communicating ideas
  • developing an argument.

Participation in this process develops the capacity to analyse, synthesise and evaluate knowledge.


  1. The monetisation of 9/11 Attacks

A lot of research material is available on this topic. The objective of this essay is to bring out the different revenue channels exploited by US and the world at large by sensationalising this epic historic event. How this event even resulted in increased revenue for the American Visa department. How film makers, story writers, motivational speakers have successfully continued to harvest the popularity of this episode quite to the contrary of the expectations of the terrorists themselves.

  1. The spread of Industrial Revolution

This essay will create a map of how England’s Industrial Revolution spread across the world, and how many other countries were successfully able to Industrialize themselves, and how many continue to depend on others.

  1. The Great American Depression

Lessons learned and unlearned. Research one of the most intriguing topics of modern history. How this led to new revolutions in the Americas and more.

  1. The French Revolution

Lots of scholarly articles on this topic. Research and also relate the French Revolution to understand a possibility of occurrence of similar incidents in developing countries.

  1. Contributions of Mahatma Gandhi on India’s Independence.

The Mahatma is well celebrated across the world. Analyze the causes which lead to the British grant Liberty to India. Also look at contributions from others like Subhash Chandra Bose to validate and justify the real reason for the British to liberate India.

  1. The wars among Africa’s Tribes.

This is not just history but continues to be prevalent even today. Understand the history of African Tribes and what led to disputes among them. How the West leveraged such differences to colonize Africa and yet not be able to resolve many disputes.

  1. The role of LRA in Uganda’s civil unrest.

Critical assessment of LRA in shaping Uganda the way it has emerged in modern times.

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