Word 2010 Bibliography Greyed Out

By accepting the EndNote software from ACU, you agree to abide by the following Conditions of Use.

Conditions of Use:

  1. The Software is available to current students and staff of Australian Catholic University. Your right to use this Software ends when you are no longer a staff member or student of Australian Catholic University, at which point you must remove the EndNote Software from all computers
  2. This Software must not be lent, given or sold to anyone else.
  3. The Software may only be used during the time of the license agreement. The current agreement ends in August 2018.

*If you are unable to download EndNote, we may be able to mail you a USB drive containing the EndNote installation file. Please note that the USB drive contains the same file as the download option.  So, if you are having problems installing EndNote from the downloaded file, please first contact ACU Library for more assistance.

Sometimes Refworks gets confused or acts a bit temperamental. Some examples include:

  1. The RefWorks tab is missing from your Microsoft Word toolbar.
  2. The RefWorks tab is on the toolbar, but you can't log into your RefWorks account from the toolbar, or the toolbar is "greyed" out.
  3. Even though you don't have any duplicates in your RefWorks account online, you can see there are duplicates in your RefWorks database when you access your citations in Word. Re-syncing your database doesn't help.
  4. You attempt to insert a citation and the folders you created online are not showing up. Your folders are viewable in the online account and syncing doesn't seem to help.

What's happening?

While your account technically lives in the cloud, a copy of your RefWorks database is pulled down and integrated within Word. Sometimes these two versions fail to sync properly. Sometimes the entire WriteNCite add on becomes corrupted for some reason and just won't work anymore.

What to do?

Don't Panic. The solution recommended by RefWorks Technical support is to delete the copy of your RefWorks database from your computer. Then re-sync with your online account.

First, make sure Microsoft Word is closed. Then follow these stesp:

Step 1. Delete all the hidden/problem RefWorks files on your computer.

From your computer, select the C: drive, select the "Users" folder, pick your name, select the "AppData" folder, then the "Local" folder.  If you can't see the folders, you may need to show the hidden files within your file options.

In the screen shot below you can see the location as well as the name of the files you need to delete. Delete all the files with a "WNC" or "pq" in the title, as shown below.

Step 2:  Go to your RefWorks account. Download a new version of WriteNCite.

Step 3: Open Microsoft Word. Click on the Proquest/RefWorks tab.  Log into your RefWorks account. Re-sync your database.

If this process doesn't fix the problems listed above, call the Library and let us know. We'll try to trouble shoot the problem further. You can also drop by  Help Desk or the LIbrary and we can fix the problem for you in person.


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