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EdComs Teachers has been set up to enable EdComs, Europe's leading provider of branded educational resources and associated research insight, to access a wider network of teachers and to allow more teachers to have their say.

EdComs produces award-winning resources, events and training for schools. We do this by working with practising teachers to ensure that whatever we create really works in the classroom and beyond.

Examples of recent work with teachers:

  • School case study visits (1 - 2 hours within the school day): These often involve observations of resources being used within a class, followed by feedback from students and teachers.
  • Phone interviews (up to 45 minutes): Informal discussion to get in-depth information on specific topics.
  • Focus groups (1.5 hours): A great way to share and learn with up to eight fellow teachers. Small subject-specific group discussions to epxlore and generate new ideas, review resources and share knowledge.
  • Online group discussions (1.5 hours): Share your expertise without leaving your house or office! Evening online groups with up to eight peers.
  • Written reviews (1 - 2 hours): Our resources are reviewed throughout the development process. We provide templates for guided feedback.
  • Usability groups (1.5 hours): A great way of getting feedback during the development of online resources.
  • Authoring: If you have any experience of writing educational resources, please do contact us directly - we're always on the lookout for new authors!

You can access our resources via our resource library. If you like what you find and would like to be involved in our research, please register to join us, and let all your colleagues know that we are here.

We are proud to be a Company Partner of the Market Research Society - all of our work follows the MRS Code of Conduct and is carried out to the highest ethical standards. We are also committed to respecting your privacy and keeping your data safe and secure via the Data Protection Act.

Over the years we've been fortunate enough to work with many different clients; from charities to public sector organisations, major corporations and multinational brands. Here are just some of the clients we have worked with:

We welcome all comments and contributions to the site, and would love it if you got in touch. You can reach us via the contact us form. You'll usually also find us picking up some great ideas from teachers on Twitter.

As a member of EdComs Teachers you will earn reward points for taking part in our surveys, recommending people to our website and for getting involved in the online community.

We’ve purposefully kept our reward scheme structure simple so that 1 point = 1p. We keep track of all the reward points you have earned and deposit them into your account and once you have collected 2000 points (£20.00), you can redeem your points for cash via PayPal*.
You can currently earn reward points in the ways listed below; it really couldn’t be easier!

  • Completing surveys - the amount of points you receive will depend upon the type of survey it is (the amount of points on offer is always stated before you participate, but as a general guide a typical survey is worth 100 points)
  • Voting in our quick poll - you will receive 10 reward points for voting in the current poll
  • Commenting on blog posts - you will receive 10 reward points for commenting on a blog post
  • Recommending friends or colleagues – for every friend you refer that registers to EdComs Teachers you will receive 100 bonus points

*PayPal is a secure online payment service. To redeeem your rewards points you will need a PayPal account. You will be prompted to provide your PayPal details, or to create a PayPal account if you don't already have one, during the registration process. If you are already a member of EdComs Teachers you can link an existing PayPal account to your profile, or follow the link to create one, by logging in to your account and editing your details.


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